Exercise of the month!

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The bridge exercise is a great basic exercise that can provide someone with strengthening in a supine (i.e., lying down) position. This is beneficial when other positions are too painful in which to exercise. The bridge will activate the hamstrings and the glutes. There are many ways to modify this exercise by adding therabands, a ball, using arm movements, propping feet up on something, doing off one leg, or performing with leg kicks or marching. This will engage different muscles depending on which modification you add. The bridge can help those with limited mobility maintain the ability to lift the buttocks up while in bed and scoot to the side of the bed. The bridge can help teach control through the hip muscles for those who struggle with lumbopelvic control. When someone can easily do this, they can graduate to hip and core strengthening in other positions which may be more functional for them. If you’ve never tried this before, go for it! If you have questions, feel free to contact us!


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