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We’re famous (kinda)!

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This month our Executive Director, Tasha, was featured on a podcast with a local nutritionist, Frances Arnold of Namaste Nutrition. You can listen to the podcast here or on iTunes. They talked about pelvic floor physical therapy and how a PT can help those with pelvic floor dysfunction (and much more!). Please give it a listen, give it a review, and share!


Learn more about PT for pelvic floor dysfunction at our website or at the various links on Frances’ podcast page. Thank you!


Physical Therapy Myth #4: Any Health Care Professional Can Perform Physical Therapy

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Sally doing manual therapy on the manual therapistMyth #4: Any health care professional can perform physical therapy.

This one gets my blood boiling!

NO!!! Your MD, ND, NP, Chiropractor, personal trainer, or coach are all GREAT at what they do. BUT they do not perform physical therapy. In fact, it is illegal in the state of Washington for any other practitioner to practice or advertise that they practice physical therapy.

Fact: Although 42% of consumers know that physical therapy can only be performed by a licensed physical therapist, 37% still believe other health care professionals can also administer physical therapy. Many physical therapists also pursue board certification in specific areas such as neurology, orthopedics, sports, or women’s health, for example.

Picture of me performing my near career-ending (his, not mine ) cervical manipulation on Dr. E from The Manual Therapist.com. 🙂